Cameron Mitchell (sgmitchell) wrote in 0000000000000sc,
Cameron Mitchell

Players: Tired of hunting for new RPGs to play, or searching for a specific RP and encountering ads for the same RPGs over and over no matter what community you go to? Have you tried posting in RPG promo communities, only to have your ad immediately buried in mountains of those same ads, and quickly scrolled off of the first page due to the sheer size of those ads? Looking for a certain canon (or non-canon) mate to play with, or a specific ship to RP, that generalized ads just don't help with?

Mods: Looking for specific players, but having no luck with simply placing ads, or fishing through the promo comms to find players looking for games? Do you simply lack the time, the inclination, or the technical resources or savvy to make the huge image/HTML heavy ads of the other RPG promos?

The answer is here. There will be no ads for RPGs here. This comm reverses the usual hunt for RPGs by the mun. Here, muns looking for RPGs will post with what they are looking for in an RPG, and the mods (or other players) will search through them for possible players, thus eliminating the issues found in advertising on other promo comms.

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